The answers to some frequently asked questions:

So what is a tarot reading?

What can you tell me?

Do you predict the future?

Are you a psychic, clairvoyant, medium etc?

Do you see dead people?

Can I take notes?


What to expect on arrival

I undertake private appointments at my home address in Warrington Cheshire. On the appointed day and time of your visit you will be greeted by myself and conducted to a private area of my home. In my office you can be sure that we can discuss your concerns in confidence and without any family/home distractions.

If this is a new experience for you, or if it’s your first time having a tarot reading with me I like to give a quick overview of the way I go about things before I begin. Please understand that every tarot reader is different so I may be different to anyone else you might have had a reading with before. After our little preliminary discussion and you are happy with the situation we will begin. The subject of the reading will always be confidential and treated with the respect it deserves.

What can you tell me?

Please understand that it is my role to interpret the cards for you. The subject may be pleasant or unpleasant, but such is life. You must remember that everything is relative, good or bad is simply just a personal viewpoint. We should both seek to find the truth behind the matter at hand. Seeing things from a different perspective can help you understand why people can act the way they do and why things have turned out the way they are.

Appointments are scheduled in 1 hour slots.

Call me on 07905 486984 to make an appointment at a time and date that is convenient for yourself.

I'm available from 10am to 8pm 7 days.

I’m happy see anyone at short notice if it’s possible.


Are you psychic?

I truly believe that everyone has 'psychic' abilities. Sometimes we call it a hunch or a gut feeling. At times you will just know there is something wrong; you can 'feel it in your bones'. But it can be difficult to turn on the tap with this capability. The tarot is a way of accessing this natural ability under a controlled circumstance. Some people may use a different tool, a crystal ball, or some other method.

It is true that many people are talented musicians or gifted artists or they have a talent for sport or some other area. So some people have a 'psychic' gift, call it a developed intuition or extra sensory perception ESP. There are different categories of so called psychic abilities such a clairaudience, clairsentience and the one everyone mentions, clairvoyance. Let’s say that all of these definitions come under the general umbrella term of 'psychic'.

So the answer would be yes, I'm probably more psychic than most people as I give this aspect of my 'psyche' much more focus than the average person. Just as a professional musician would be practicing and honing their particular talent every day, they become more proficient. If you would like to investigate this further I can thoroughly recommend the book  'Sixth Sense' by author Jenny Randles, it’s an no nonsense, no BS exploration of the subject.

How is a tarot reading done?

There are as many methods as there are tarot readers. Watch this space for more info.

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 What is a tarot reading?

The purpose of a tarot reading is to help you with whatever you are concerned about. This could be a dilemma you might face, advice about a love affair gone wrong or a business opportunity you might want to pursue etc. You can focus on anything that is of importance to you. I won’t be judging you.

When we finish up you should be in a better position and be feeling more at peace with your particular set of circumstances. Many people report feeling that a weight has been lifted and that they understand why or how the situation came about or how they should continue to be happy or successful in the future. It's always good to get things off your chest isn’t it?


For all enquiries please contact me anytime:

by email:

phone or text  07905 486 984

Will you see the future for me?

Looking into the potential future is not always the primary focus.  The past events which have led you to the present situation are aspects that can turn up in the reading. At times you can have some control over the outcome, at other times you may be limited in influencing the course of events. You must be accepting that what can turn up in your reading can be surprising and maybe not what you were expecting.

100 percent accuracy would be great to achieve wouldn’t it? It does happen sometimes though and it can be shocking when it does. This is why I am truly fascinated by tarot. I find that such details occur when I have a 'connection' with the client. The psychic 'link' is stronger with some tha with others. You are a very unique individual, and so the reading will be specific and unique only to yourself. You will be the one who will make the connection to what comes up in the reading, but it is my role to guide you and help you come to the right conclusion and not misinterpret the cards or twist the true meaning.

I believe everyone has an ultimate destiny and that some things are meant to be and therefore you will have experiences that reflect that truth. If this becomes the subject of a reading then yes, I think that the future can be predicted. It is a perfectly natural desire to want to know what will happen. Meteorologists predict the weather; there are financial and economic forecasts and tipsters who calculate the odds of a sporting event. But tarot is so much more than this; there is a depth, a discovery and understanding that comes about at the finish of a successful reading. Many clients report experiencing a deep sense of relief and a peacefulness coming from within.

Do you see dead people?

I think the real intention behind this question is 'will you be able to contact people in the spirit world?' My answer will always be that it is not what I would usually focus on in a tarot reading. I would suggest you seek out a reputable medium or spiritualist if you have a particular desire to find out about contacting dead relatives etc. There can be some confusion by the general public in this area.

If you have chosen me to read tarot for you then be sure that I will focus on tarot and worldly affairs and not spiritualism. 

Can I take notes?

I think it best if you are engaged with what I have to say during the reading. I always recommend that you will not need to take notes, it will be too distracting. You will remember the reading as I always make sure you are fully recognising what turns up in your reading.

So yes you can, but I recommend that you pay real attention and be fully engaged in the reading to get the most out of your time. Fifty percent of your time would be jotting down notes and slowing up the pace of the reading when it’s really not necessary.