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Tarot Reading; Everything you need to know. Part 1 by Mike Fortune

I get many clients who have never had a Tarot Reading before, some clients are nervous because they don’t know what to expect, yet others are full of expectations, mainly of their own invention.

What are Tarot Cards?


A deck of Tarot Cards consist of 78 cards made up of 4 suits, 14 cards in each suit plus 22 Trump cards.

Each of the cards contains an image and each image is suggestive of a hidden truth.

The 22 Trump cards are considered the most powerful and mysterious.

The first Historical record of Tarot cards date from the Middle Ages, but the symbolism and iconography contained in the cards are considered to be much older.

Their true history is not really known and it is something that is still hotly debated amongst scholars.

There are many types of Tarot Decks available today and they mostly follow the format outlined above. The main difference is mostly in the iconography and style of the images.

As a Tarot enthusiast I prefer to use the more traditional Tarot deck, but a Tarot reader will choose to use a deck that they feel inspired by and are ‘in tune’ with. Very often they will possess and use more than one deck.

About Tarot cards and Fortune Telling

As a Tarot Reader I personally use the Tarot cards as a tool to inspire my imagination and to kick into gear the psychic and intuitive ability that lies dormant in all of us.

Some Historians will tell you that the Tarot was invented to be used purely as a game and as such there are is no hidden mystery. Whatever the real reason for their invention, Tarot cards have always been put to use for Fortune telling.

There are many other instances of games being utilised as an aid to divine the future, dice for instance and dominoes, It is also said that the childhood game of Snakes and Ladders was originally invented to teach the spiritual laws of Karma.

The (ordinary?) deck of playing cards you are all familiar with has a long history of being put to use as an aid to foresee the future. In times past the Tarot was only available to the privileged few and those lower down on the social ladder made good use of the ubiquitous playing cards.

3 Reasons to have a Tarot Reading

As a professional Tarot Reader it is my opinion that people wish to have a Tarot Reading for 3 main reasons, curiosity, entertainment and to help resolve difficult life issues.

The curious seek a Tarot reader to find out ‘what it’s all about’. A friend may have recently had a Tarot reading and this has inspired them to seek out a Tarot reader and have a reading themselves.

 A Tarot Reading can also be very entertaining when approached in the right way. I have taken part in many successful party evenings and 'girls’ nights in’. I usually focus on upbeat positive readings and will recommend leaving 'heavy’ questions to be dealt with at a private consultation.

 A Private Consultation is recommended if you wish to take an overview of where your life is at the moment, and to take advice on what steps you need to take to fulfil your life purpose or be more successful.

Often a client may have troubling issues that bother them. There may appear to be no solution apparent, or alternatively there may be more than one option open. At times like this a Tarot reading can really help.

A private consultation is a situation where you choose to obtain the services of a Tarot Reader exclusively for yourself.

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