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Tarot Reading; Everything you need to know. Part 2 by Mike Fortune

Nb. be sure to read part 1 first.

In Part 2 I will be discussing the mechanics of a Tarot Consultation.

So what’s the Deal?

Reduced to its most basic components a Tarot Reading consists of the Tarot Deck, The Tarot Reader and the Client.

The Client seeks advice and hires the service of a skilled Tarot Reader for an agreed fee.

The Tarot Reader will use an appropriate method to help resolve the Clients dilemma.

The client is given detailed information of the Tarot Readers interpretation of what the Cards reveal and this may to refer to past, present or potential future events.


It is important to understand that the interpretation is based on the Readers knowledge and expertise of Tarot and is not based on the Tarot Readers own  ethical, moral or personal view of life.

I think it necessary to differentiate between my own personal opinion and the perceived  wisdom revealed in the cards.

The Tarot reading can assist a client by suggesting impartial advice derived from a higher source.

It is the Tarot Readers role to interpret the message and to help the client understand how that could be helpful in relation to their current life situation. 

A typical ‘reading’ can reveal details from the past that are relevant or still affecting a current issue, problem or dilemma.

It is the Tarot Readers role to look for indications to how to resolve any conflicts to the clients’ advantage, helping them to understand the situation clearly and investigate what would be the best course of action to take.

The Tarot Reader acts as an intermediary, a conduit, using the Tarot as a tool to enhance both the Reader and the clients, psychic / intuitive nature.

It is a temporary partnership and should be treated as such. I like to think of an appointment as a golden window of opportunity, a deliberate and focused  attempt to open a direct communication with the universal life source to appeal for guidance.

To get the best possible results both sides should put equal effort and energy into the reading.

The 3 Levels of Tarot Reading

Level 1.

This is the practical level, concerning the physical or mundane energy.

First find a psychic reader you feel comfortable with. This can be a personal recommendation or by searching the internet or local business ads.

Make contact via email, text voice call etc, and discuss politely details such as the duration, availability and the fees charged. This can avoid embarrassing misunderstandings later.

When giving consideration to these practical details such as time and cost, try to put them into context. What you are actually paying for is a 'bespoke service’ and not a commodity such as goods bought from a supermarket.

The fee may vary quite a lot, depending on whether your Reader is practicing as a gifted 'hobbyist’, partime or is a full time professional with business overheads to attend to.

Be sure to be available for the appointment on time. Your Reader will most likely have other clients or other business to attend to that day.

The actual mechanics of a Tarot reading can vary, remember the Tarot Reader is an individual and they will have developed a methodology that suits them.

Speaking for myself I consult Tarot on many different levels. For most people I will use a comprehensive spread. This has fixed areas to focus on, home life, relationships, money etc.

At other times I can use a more intuitive method and  I will find a way to suit the client, their mood and intentions.

My advice is to trust your instincts. I always know I will have a good client when they call me and ask straight out to book an appointment. They are 'in the moment’ and have a very definite intention. At some level they 'know’ that the event is 'meant to be’ and trust that the details will work themselves out, as it always does.

Level 2.

The basic procedure in level 1 can take many forms. It can take place via a pre-arranged telephone call, via email or by private appointment with your Reader of preference. Modern technology also allows for video calls.

Level 2 concerns the esoteric interaction between Client, Reader and the Universal Source.

The Client is seeking guidance, and I shall now refer to the client as the 'seeker’.

The term 'Querant’ (one who is asking questions) can be used, but I prefer seeker.

As I mentioned in Level 1, the consultation represents a 'Golden Moment’, a special time.

The Reader must make a connection with the seeker on a spiritual level to be effective.

Understand that we are all energy and come from the same source, the universal spirit, the all-knowing, name ‘it’according to your belief (or non beleif for that matter).

Physical Limitations matter less and energy communication (mental, spiritual) take precedence.

 As such it is possible to make an energy connection and do a reading for someone who is not physically present.

What IS important is the acceptance and involvement of the seeker in the process.

The seeker should encourage the interchange of energy and communication. If you have chosen your Reader wisely you will 'feel’ Ok with the situation and will naturally enter into the next stage when the real magic of a Tarot Reading takes shape.

Level 3.

The Metaphysical level (definition, metaphysics. : of or relating to things that are thought to exist but that cannot be seen)

So what goes on here?

I can only give you my opinion. Other Tarot Readers may have different ideas; scientists may have another, so here goes.

Throughout History and in many cultures and societies almost all of humankind have held the belief in a 'spirit world, inhabited by gods, and all recognise a supreme being, sky father or Godhead.

The description will vary according to history and tradition, but all mythology and religion express fundamentally the same thing and that is a definitive belief that there is something 'greater’ than ourselves.

This is a huge subject and this is a simple guide, so I will get to the point quickly.

When the Tarot is consulted for the purpose of divination, we tap into the universal, omniscient energy. The Past, Present, and Future, everything is energy.

The Tarot is a reflection of this energy, similar to iron filings making a pattern of a magnetic influence on paper in your school science lab. Tarot is a reflection; it is in synchronisation with this energy. How can it not be?  As above, so below right?

Therefore Tarot, Seeker and Reader are connected to the source by the force of intention of will for a specific duration of real time.

I am trying hard to keep a complex subject brief and to the point so if you have any particular questions please let me know and I will try to include it in the next instalment…..


Tarot Reading; Everything you need to know. Part 3

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